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Ardhendu Mandal
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MCA (Sem-II)-IT22: Operating System

MCA (Semester-II), Paper-IT-22: Operating System

Introduction: Evolution of operating systems. Types of operating systems. Different views of operating systems, operating systems concepts & structure.
Processes: The process concept, system programmer’s view of processes.The operating system services for process management ,Scheduling algorithms, and Performance evaluation.
Memory Management: Memory management without swapping or paging, swapping, virtual memory,page replacement algorithms,modeling paging algorithms, design issues for paging system ,segmentation.
Interprocess Communicaion & Synchronization: The need for interprocess synchronization,mutual exclusion,semaphores,hardware support for mutual exclusion, queueing implemention of semaphores ,classical problems in concurrent programming critical region & conditional critical region,monitors, messages, deadlocks.
File Systems: File Systems,directories,file system implementation,security protection mechanisms
Input/Output: Principles of I/O Hardware: I/O devices,device controllers,DMA.
Principles of I/O Software: Goals,interrupt handlers,device independent I/O software, User space I/O software
Disks: Disk hardware,scheduling algorithms,error handling,trac-at-a-time caching, RAM disks.
Clocks: Clock hardware,memory mapped terminals,I/O software.
Terminals: Terminal Hardware,memory mapped terminalsI/O software.
Process & processors in distributed systems: Threads,system models,processor allocation, scheduling.
Distributed file Systems: Design implementation,trends.
Performance measurement,monitoring & evalution: Introduction , important trends affecting performance issues,Why performance monitoring & evaluation are needed,performance measures, evaluation techniques,bottlenecks and saturation, feedback loops.
Case studies: MS-DOS,MS-WINDOWS,LINUX(UNIX) operating system.


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