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MCA (Sem-IV)-IT42: Software Engineering-I

MCA (Semester-IV), Paper-IT-42: Software Engineering-I

Software life cycle Models: Waterfall, Spiral, Prototyping fourth generation techniques, and SW process.
Software requirements specification (SRS): Fact-finding Techniques, characteristics of a good SRS- Unambiguous, Complete, Verifiable, Consistent, Modifiable, Traceable and usable during the operation and Maintenance phase, prototype outline for SRS.
SW Inspection: Communication Skills for the system Analyst.Review/Inspection Procedure. Document, Composition of the inspection team, checklist, reading by the inspectors, Recording of the defects and actions recomended. Students should practice inspecting small requirement specifications for good characteristics.
System Analysis: SA tools & Techniques, DFD, Entity relationship Diagrams, Project Dictionary.
SW Design: System Design Tools and Techniques, Prototyping, Structured programming.
User Interface Design: Elements of good design, Design issues, features of a modern GUI.Menus, scrolling, windows, icons, panel’s, Error messages etc.
User Manual: User profile, concepts of a user manual, student is urged to install and use software using its user manual and report the strengths and weakness of that user manual.
Software Configuration Management: Base line, SCM process, Version Control, Change Management.
Computer Aided Software Engineering: CASE, Tools for project management support, analysis and design, programming prototyping maintainence, future of CASE.


1. Beizer, B.,"Software Testing Techniques", Second Edition.Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York, 1990.
2. IEEE guides to software requirement specifications, std. 1980-1984.In IEEE standards collection, and 1993. Available from IEEE standards Board,445 Hoe’s lane, P.O. Box 1331,Piscataway,NJ 08855-1331,NJ,and USA.
3. IEEE standard for software documentation, std.1963-1987.
4. Jalote, P,"An Integrated Approach to software engineering", Narose 1991.
5. Pressman, RS,"software engineering practitioner's approach" Third Edition, 1992.
6. Whiten Bentley and Barlow."System Analysis and Disign Methods", Second Edition, Galgotia Publications, 1996.


Software Engineering Download Centre
Professional and Standards Organizations

1. SE EBook Directory
2. The Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge
by P. Bourque, R. Dupuis, A. Abran, J. W. Moore, and L. L. Tripp

3. Software Engineering with Reusable Components by Johannes Sametinger
4. Software Engineering by Ivan Marsic
5. eBooks Free Download on Hacking
6. Communication Skills for Software Engineers
7. Various Free Books Download
8. VB Black Book-Download Link
9.Software Engineering

10. Download SRS Template

11. Research Papers

12. Software Engineering PPTs

Federation of American Scientists
International Council on Systems Engineering
International Organization for Standardization
Interoperability Clearinghouse
National Information Standards
The Project Management Institute
Software Engineering Research Laboratory
System of Systems Engineering Center of Excellence


Software Engineering Links
Software Engineering Journals, Magazines
List of Software Engineering Conferences

1. MIT Aero/Astro Software Engineering Research Laboratory (SERL) Papers

2. Microsoft Research Publications

3. The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies

  • IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering. This is the main, and widely read, journal for software engineering research. It is truly international and covers both theoretical and practical/experimental work. Submission can be done any time.

  • IEEE Software. This is a magazine, but is very widely read. It has many different sections, including opinions. This is a good place to send “practice” or “experience” papers. Already some papers from Indian organizations have appeared in this.

  • Journal of Systems and Software. This is also an old-timer. It is not as widely read as TSE, but is more general and is more likely to accept applied/practical work. It is also easier to get into.


List of Software Engineering Journals

Software Engineering Journals & Magazines with Impact Factor

Most Recent Calls For Papers

Asia Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC)
International Conference on Requirements Engineering (RE)
Practitioners Conferences

  • Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG). This is the main conference in the process area. As is organized by SEI, its focus is primarily on CMM-based approach. As CMM is popular in India, this is a good conference to attend and in which to present the work.
  • SEPG in India/Asia. Organized by QAI; generally has many good tutorials.
  • International Test Conference. Focuses on testing. I have never attended this conference, hence cannot say anything about the quality and usefulness of the conference

Research Conferences

  • International conference on Software Engineering (ICSE). This is the flagship conference in software engineering and also one of the oldest. It frequently has special sessions/track for “industrial practice” works. Generally, there are a few specialized workshops organized with ICSE (which change from year to year), which focus on special topics. Acceptance rate is usually low (around 20%), though may be higher for industry tracks. Dates: Submission – around Aug/sept (for workshops it is often Oct/Nov or even later), Acceptance notification – December, Conference – early May.

  • Asia Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC). Like the ICSE, this is also a general software engineering conference, but focuses an AP, and is also a smaller conference. As India is one of the participating countries in this, and since the conference is likely to come to India in 2005, it is a good conference to focus on. The acceptance is also easier than ICSE. Dates: Submission – June, Acceptance notification – August, Conference – December first/second week (held in AP countries).

  • International Conference on Software Maintenance (ICSM). This is the main conference on software maintenance, and is sponsored by IEEE. As many commercial organizations have maintenance as one of their core activities, this can be a very useful conference for Indian Organizations. Dates: Submission – Feb end/March; Acceptance notification – May; Conference – September.

  • International Conference on Requirements Engineering (RE). This is the main conference in the requirements area. Again, as this is a main activity for many projects, it can be very useful for Indian organizations and can help upgrade practices in this key area. Dates: Submission – Jan end/Feb; Acceptance notification – April; Conference – September.

  • International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (ISSRE). This is a very specialized conference on software reliability. Due to its focus, it is a good conference to attend to find out what is going on in the software reliability community. The conference now also covers more applied and practical methods. Dates: Submission – April; Acceptance notification – July; Conference – November.


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