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Ardhendu Mandal
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MCA (Sem-IV)-IT42L: CASE Tools laboratory

MCA (Semester-IV), Paper-IT-42L: CASE Tools laboratory

The lab sessions will have experiments in the following:
CASE tools: Use of diagramming tools for system analysis, such as turbo analyst, for preparing data flow diagram and E-R diagrams useof tools for relational database design such as relational designer.
Application Development Tools: Use of tools such as power builder, magic etc. in developing application software including interactive data entry screens, transaction processing, report generation etc.
Management Tools: Use of tools for managing the process of software development such as source code central system (SCCS), revision control system (RCS), make etc.


1. Product manuals from concerned vendors
2. Kerningham, B.W., Pike, R.,"The Unix programming Environment", Prentice Hall of India", New Delhi, 1984.


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