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Ardhendu Mandal
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MCA (Sem-V)-IT52: Software Engineering-II

MCA (Semester-V), Paper-IT-52: Software Engineering-II

Coding: style of programming, efficiency, preview of code, structured programming, codes Review.
Software Quality Assurance: Quality, Quality plan, Quality Metric, V & V.
Testing Software: Testing, Purpose of testing. Two essential parts of testing Test case and the expected output. How do we know we have tested enough? Test coverage, levels of testing, unit testing, white box testing, domin and path testing, equivalence class based portion testing 100% testing of simple program (6 variables & 100 paths). Component testing integrated aggregate of few unit-tested units, integrated testing, aggregating of components. System testing, black box testing, requirements based testing, acceptance based testing.
Test planning, test strategy, test coverage planned, test case generation, test and output expected, test reporting, bug fixing. Testing for performance security, installation recovery, and configuration sensitivity.
Testing software tools: capture/replay, test coverage, test generation, test case and report date base. Test automation, regression testing, object orientation and testing, SW components.
Software Project management: Software Metrics, estimation, planning, and SW tools change management. Software Maintainence: Software Maintainence, maintainibility, documentation to facilitate maintainence, regression testing, reverse engineering, legacy systems, Y 2K(Year 2000 problem).


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2. IEEE guides to software requirement specifications, STD 830-1984.In IEEE standards collection, and 1993.
3. Available from IEEE standards Board, 445,Hoes lane, P.O. Box 1331,Piscataway, NJ 08855-1331,NJ, USA.
4. IEEE standard for software user documentation, STD 1963-1987.
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6. Pressman R.S.,"Software engineering-A practitioner's approach", Third edition, McGraw Hill, International Edition, 1992.


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