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M.Sc(CS) (Semester-I), Paper-IX: Software Engieering

M.Sc(CS) (Semester-I), Paper-IX: Software Engieering

Introduction: Introduction to software engineering, definition, size factors, quality and Productivity factors, managerial issues.
Planning a software projects: Defining the problems, developing a solutions Strategy, planning the development process, planning organizational structures, other plans activities.
Software cost estimations: Cost factors, software cost estimations, estimating software maintenance cost.
Software requirement definitions: Requirement specification, formal specification Technique, language and processor requirement specifications.
Software design: Fundamental design concepts, modules and modularization Criteria, design notations, design techniques, detailed design considerations, real time And distributed system design, test plans, milestones, walkthrough and inspections, Design guidelines.
Implementation: Implementation issues, structured coding techniques, coding styles, standards, Guidelines, documentation guidelines. Modern programming language features, type checking, separate compilation, User defined data types, data abstraction, scooping rules, exception handling, Concurrency mechanism.
Software Testing: Verification and validation technique, quality assurance, walkthrough and Inspections, static analysis, symbolic executions, unit testing and debugging, system Testing, formal verification.
Software maintenance: Enhancing maintainability during developments, Different management aspects in details, configuration management, maintenance Tools and techniques.


1. Software Engineering Principles- Richard E. Fairley, TMH, 1997


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